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Foam Gutter Guards? Absolutely!

For much of the country, it is that time of year when leaves fall and air becomes brisk as the temperature cools. What could be better? How about if your darn gutters didn't get full of leaves every year? There is a solution to the leaf problem. Put flexible foam in the gutters and leaves can't get in, but water can flow. The foam sits in the bottom of the gutter and fills the gutter up so that when leaves try to weasel their scurrilous selves into the gutter, there is no room. Yet, this is foam, so water can run out of the gutter the way it is supposed to. No ladders and gutter cleaning for you, no clogged gutters, and an affordable fix for what can be a real problem.

Some people may caution that foam is not safe to put in a gutter. That might be true if you were taking the novelty foam finger from the football game and stuffing it in the gutter, but that's not what you're doing. When you purchase foam to prevent leaf clogging in the gutter, you should check to make sure that you are purchasing fire retardant foam as many products are formulated to be fire retardant.

Fire retardant foam not only protects your house from the embers of a fire, but many of them are often resistant to:

  • Mold: without this protection, imagine what your house could smell like—on the outside—after a few rain showers followed by some really hot days. This won't be a problem though.

  • Mildew: The foam is also protected from mildew problems, and the bacteria and odors that might be associated with mildew.

  • Algae: Just like mold and mildew, there will be no concerns from algae. Your home and your gutter will be in good shape.

  • Ultraviolet Light (UV): Finally, one of the biggest concerns would be UV protection. Without UV protection, you could face problems with mold, algae, and mildew, and the foam would not last very long. Instead of climbing the ladder to take out the old leaves, you would periodically climb the ladder to pull out crumbling foam. Because this foam is UV protected, you won't have to worry about these issues, so your gutters and your home will be protected from water damage, and you won't have to face scurrying up the ladder every fall.

Finally, consider how easy it is to install foam gutter covers. Unlike aluminum gutter guards, foam gutter covers can be placed inside the gutter where they will remain without tar, screws, or other adhesives. Foam gutter protection is much more affordable solution to the leaf problem without negatively impacting water flow and if you want, you can install it yourself without the need of an "expert."

Your house is probably your biggest investment other than your health. Protect them both by not climbing up to the roof every year to removed leaves that keep water from flowing through the gutter correctly. Use affordable and easy-to-install foam gutter guards and remove some home maintenance stress.

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